Louie Tomaro

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Lately I have come to consider myself the Realtor of the Waves, and I don’t mean a rocky business or stock market, but i’ve been taking advantage of LIFE and hitting the waves in the middle of the day for an hour. I grab my boogie board and off I go. But today, there were several properties I wanted to eyeball, so the ocean had to wait.
My favorite (and nothing really jumped out at me) was 4 beds approx 3500′ of living space with a very Bali – High type of feel but the home’s best attribute is the drop your jaw rooftop deck that is just fantastic beyond words!
My least favorite and I hope I don’t upset anyone but the home on Larsson was just over the top for the location (and mainly price). Designed by Louie Tomaro (what was he thinking with all that rock), the 5 bed, 4 home is very interesing if you like rocks and it does have lovely special features but I’m left a little speachless about it.