Life sure takes you in all directions. Real Estate has been so busy and now add life to the mix. My elderly mother who lives alone in Sherman Oaks really needs help these days and I find myself going to the Valley. I feel like I should be showing property or going to Broker’s Opens in Sherman Oaks! If anyone wants me to check something out over there, i’d be happy to…..
On another note, there is a great deal on Linda in Torrance, darling house, great price. 22013 Linda, for $659 – if you can get it for that is just amazing. Cute house all upgraded but the best part is the outside, built in bbq, fridge, it is an entertainers mecca. Speaking of Mecca, I digress, did anyone see the article on my previous life in Saudi?

Well, you have my quite exposed if you read this article.

Back to the house, such a deal! I expect multiple offers.

If you find this post a little rambling, then say so. Stream of consciousness