Fiesta Hermosa Hello Everyone!

Having a blast watching everyone enjoy the Fiesta. Music, pets, food, the only thing missing is the SUN! Hope it makes an appearance today, and if not well my open house at 310 36th Street, MB will be a bit breezy.

Some of the vendors told me this morning that yesterday was a bit on the slow side, perhaps because it was Saturday, maybe because there was no sunshine. Hopefully the merchants will make a lot of $$$ today and go home happy. I think the fee charged for the booths is pretty steep.

The good news is that the Valet Jose told me that he didn’t pull out of here until after 2 am last night, people were chosing NOT to drive after hitting the libations, that is very, VERY good news all around.

With the Beach Boys happily (not really the BB) crooning in the background, today is a good day. Life is sweet at the beach.