This weekend I was busy with Open Houses in Redondo Beach, a condo on Catalina, and then on Sunday a LOVELY property on PV Dr. W. The sellers of the condo on Catalina had a theft the previous Open House (not on my watch). This is a recurring problem, not only on Public Open Houses but during Broker’s Opens. Realtors are being more vigilant. We are passing around identifying marks or characteristics of the alleged perpetrators. There is one family, yes sadly they are involving children in their crimes. There are many ways to avoid the loss of property. I encourage and try to insist with my clients that they remove all valuables and MEDS. People are stealing meds, they are stealing razor packs, they are becoming a kleptomaniac society of predators. We as Realtors have a duty to protect our clients however, I would never encourage a woman or man Realtor to put themselves in danger by going into a room alone with someone. It makes sense to partner with a Lender so that the home is safe and the Realtor holding the property open is safe. It is a very sad world and time in which we live that this has to be an issue.

Sellers, remove your valuables and your medicine. Realtors, be vigilant, watch your back and team up with someone. If you sense something off, tell the visitors to stay together. Snap a photo with your cell phone discretely if you think you’ve seen someone who fits the description of a potential thief.

I was uncomfortable this weekend and that makes me very sad. I love my profession. I love helping people find the right property or sell their property swiftly and with the best return. We all have to play a part in actively watching the Open House visitors and report any wrong doings.