I just got back from visiting our first grandchild. The family lives in Florida so I had a to take a physical break from South Bay Real Estate for a week (I get withdrawals); however, Real Estate was in my thoughts. Why do people move, buy and sell? Growing family, shrinking family – lucky empty nesters, retirees and on and on. Being a grandmother makes me realize that buying a little condo or townhome near your grandkids is not that bad of an idea. I have  grandparent clients who spend quite a lot of money on flying across country to visit their new bundles of joy when in fact with the market in the state that it is, deals abounding, they could/should pick up a little place to call their grandkid crashpad. I know that here in Redondo Beach there are quite a few opportunities for the silver set (I’m not grey yet). Brookside Village in South Redondo, just a few blocks from the water are condos for under $300,000 for a one bedroom. We are talking expensive Southern California Real Estate and I think that if you could pick that up as an owner occupant with an FHA loan you could get in for $10 grand! Of course there are grander opportunities for a pad by the beach if the budget allows. What greater gift then to leave your grandchild Real Property when you pass? Rates, do you need me to talk to you about Rates being low? I will if you’d like. But I would rather show you property. Now is a great time to buy, to invest, to come see the grandkids!