At the right hand side of my BLOG there are posts from “Alison in the Community” .  One such check in or post was about a dog, a tiny 2.5 lb dog that my daughter found. Here is the update to that post:

Yesterday my daughter Baxter jumped out of her car in busy traffic on PCH in Hermosa Beach to rescue a dog. A tiny little Chihuahua she named Taco Bella. We called animal control, the local Vets and everyone we could think of. Face book, Twitter I too was on it. Whatever it would take we would try it We HAD to find the owner.

As you most likely know, we have two huge Bouviers at my house. Introducing a tiny little dog might not be the best move (for the little dog). One swipe of the paw or something else could do some damage, plus three dogs are already enough for us. Yes, Baxter has a toy poodle Truffle at home too. So, Taco Bella had to find her home, a new home, or the Shelter.

My daughter dropped off the doggy at the Vet where her friend Jenn is the Vet tech; no micro chip but she could stay there for the day while Baxter went to work. In the meantime, I printed out some flyers and set out, confident but worried about finding the owner. Well, it only too TWO houses to find out where she lived. A kind woman on 9th told me that the dog belonged to a young lady on 8th who had been beside herself since yesterday, worried and looking, SEARCHING for her dog.

I took off running with the biggest smile on my face.

Knocking on the door, my heart was racing. And then Julie opened the door, I blurted out that we had her dog and she started to cry (I was already bawling) and we started to hug and jump up and down and then we called Baxter who also started to cry. Julie had called animal control who told her the dog was at the Vet and she was just on her way out of the house when I came knocking.

Life is a funny thing. There are so many small joys to be found. My day, my WEEK and my MONTH was made by giving this lady back her beloved dog.

Thank you to Baxter for saving her, Jenn for helping us figure out what to do, the Vet for keeping her safe and out of the shelter, and for my adorable husband Ken who has NO idea that the little dog spent the night at our house.

I’m glad I could help.