Today was a great day. I had the opportunity to join some colleagues and build a house in collaberation with Habitat for Humanity. It actually felt like we were building a home because we got introduced to some of the family members who were the beneficiaries of the home. That made it real, that made it significant.I joined the drywaller team, why? Who knows it seemed like a good idea at the time. I learned a great deal more than I thought I could ever learn about drywall. Even though I’m in the industry, how could I have known so many intimate details about gypsum- that’s what drywall is made of. After 6 hours of hanging the stuff, belive me, I’m very cozy with drywall now. Actually as I type this i’m covered in gypsum dust and insulation. But I’m so excited to share the glow of the day, I’ll shower later.It was very much a team effort and the group of Realtors and the Habitat for Humanity team dug in deep (especially those digging the trench). We hammered and sawed, scurried and sweat-ed; that’s what we expected. We signed our names on the drywall. But what I didn’t expect was the overwhelming collective palpable energy to help, to give; to help the families receiving these homes, to help one another on the work site, the desire to really feel the connection to what we were all doing there today. It was a pure delight and no one wanted it to end.I know I’m corny. My clients endearingly call me a “dork” but it’s ok. It’s real, its raw, it’s fun. It’s LIFE.