A house has 4 walls but sometimes a keen eye and a pizzaz-y sense of style can make 4 walls seem like so much more.

Take 1218 Harper, a standard tall and skinny in Redondo Beach for example. You’ve got 3 bedrooms and 2.5 baths but there is a certain wow factor that enriches this home. The use of the space, the way  light is used to the benefit of every corner of every room makes it glow. One of my favorite rooms is the office downstairs. It opens on to a patio that is partially hidden from the inside by a semi clear privacy window, but you catch glimpses of the greenery of the patio; it’s a lovely work space opening up to the outdoors.

The kitchen is groovy, no doubt about it. You can even catch a peek at the Pacific. You’ve got wood accents with height and space. It isn’t really the individual parts but the sum of it all adds up. It intrigues and delights.