Get Ready for the Pot!

It’s Lobster Season! Welcome to the land of Hypocrisy. My wonderful neighbor Pete gave me two stunning lobsters, Hansel and Gretel that his son caught off the coast of Palos Verdes the other night. I love a perfectly steamed lobster tail, it’s a rich treat and I couldn’t wait to come home and indulge. But first, let’s get to the hypocrisy part. We are an amalgamated family, your classic step-children set up. Let me give you a visual. Dusk is setting, kitchen is aglow and Evil Step-dad is prepping something on the stove. Casually my husband asks his step-daughter (my daughter Baxter is a huge animal rights activist who also loves all things crustacean funnily enough) to get him a stick of butter from the fridge. Baxter opens the door and has a near hysterical fit: two very much alive Lobsters are facing outward staring at her, begging for mercy from the POT of boiling water on the stove. Baxter rails against the cruelty of it all, rants and raves, curses evil step dad’s dirty trick. Enter mom . I’m laughing my head off because I knew all about the delicacy’s in the fridge but I was not privy to the prank prior. It was classic Ken! I grabbed my apron and got ready to do the dirty deed, all the while Baxter is switching between sulking and lecturing us. I tell her to grow up and reminded her of all the times I’ve watched her gobble up lobster, crab and shrimp. I pull off the lid from the giant pot of boiling water and suddenly I can’t do it. I can’t drop them in. I wimp out. Baxter runs outside.  I go upstairs and leave Ken alone with the murderous task. Counting to about 20 I come back and check on the victims. The lobsters have indeed crossed over the rainbow bridge and have turned a perfect pink. I call Baxter back inside and ask her what she’s having for dinner. You can guess what happened next.As I expertly whack the tail with my rolling-pin, remove the succulent flesh onto plates with mini ramekins’ of drawn garlic butter Baxter casually snaps off a little leg, dunks it into the butter and sucks out the goodness inside. Ken on the other hand is not happy with the situation. He wants the PETA-like 20-year-old to eat TOFU and leave the rest to us. She begs for lobster. Wants lobster. Must have some lobster. It’s so good she rallies.What did I do? I cut my fat juicy tail in half (lengthwise of course) and gave it to her. Boy was it good.  Thanks Pete!