Right NOW Buyers and sellers  have a misguided view of the market.  I would like to give some statistical data to clear up  misconceptions. “Is it a slow market now Alison?” they ask “Is the market tanking Alison?” Take these few factoids into consideration:

From El Segundo to South RB

In the first quarter, last three months, July, August and September:

  • Inventory is DOWN 28.0%:
  • Units sales are UP 3.3%
  • Pending Sales are UP 15%

What is the relevance of this?

When a solid property, meaning a dwelling in a good location and in good condition most importantly at a good
value comes out, it goes and it goes fast.  When property come out to the market place at too high a listing price, that property most likely will chase the market down until it is re-priced to a viable amount, and then it goes and it goes faster.

Out of the 9,000 dwellings in MB alone, 1% are on the market for sale.

Long and short  inventory is very thin. What’s on the market is not the cream of the puff. For buyers this could mean an opportunity to come in low; for a seller this is an ideal time to list your property for sale BEFORE the holidays. Call a successful Realtor (me) get your property cleaned up, let me help you price it well, get it exposed to as many buyers as possible and it will sell.

Many individuals who have amassed great wealth have done so by investing in Real Property. Now is such a moment, the ideal opportunity to make some $ in the Market. The one Market that is tangible has  investments that can be utilized in times of need, shared or given to family.

If you want the facts on the Real REAL Estate Market, call a professional.