Sometimes a property just “feels” right. You walk in the front door and for no readily evident reason you feel at home.  The vibe (what is a vibe, how do you describe a vibe) jives with your energy frequency. Am I way out there? I don’t think so. Take 1201 S. Catalina #2 in South Redondo Beach for example. What was it that made it feel special from the moment I walked in the front door? As a Realtor I take it all in; the neighborhood, the building, the layout, the complex – those are all tangible elements. But when the light is just perfectly bright, the rooms even unfurnished feel inviting, you know you have a good solid property in your midst. 1201 is just that. It is simple, not particularly updated, but it is so spacious, and the water is so close you can listen to the waves as you fall asleep. The common area is inviting. The Esplanade is literally a hop scotch game away. 2 beds, 2.5 baths with a large master suite and laundry INSIDE THE UNIT, low HOA fees at $255, List Price of $585,000 seems ripe for the picking especially when inventory is so depleted! I can’t be more precise, there isn’t one particular thing that makes this place feel so sweet, it just works, it just satisfies!