The other night at the Torrance Marriott Hotel, there was a business mixer. Vendors from many different types of businesses were present; Banks, Restaurants and many more.  My Rotary Club was present along with the other 3 Rotary Clubs from Torrance. The evening was a collection of selling, networking, mingling, eating and drinking. It was all about being a local presence.

Of course I was there  wearing many of my professional hats. I was there as a Realtor, Rotarian and Master Networker.

Networking is a vital part of my business as well as most enterprises. Networking groups and clubs have been in existence for years. Rotary started out as a businessmen’s Networking Group back in the early 1920’s. Since then Rotary has become a global force in community giving with a common goal of the betterment of human existence where it is needed most, through financial and sweat equity giving.

New clubs and groups pop up all the time. BNI and even private Facebook Groups. I try to keep on top of what’s new, what’s hot and what’s not. But  could Networking ever have negative repercussions? Well my answer came LOUD and clear at a specific booth at the Marriott that night.

I’m not one to name names, so I won’t start here. BUT….you may be able to guess. I leave that up to the gentle reader.

I strode up to a booth looking at the presentation materials on the table and then my eyes glanced up at the “man” manning the booth. I was STUNNED, horrified and my mouth momentarily hung open in disbelief. This fellow looked as if he had just rolled out of bed, poured coffee all over his wrinkled white T-shirt and invited a local squirrel to dance on his head to complete his grooming. He was a total utter slob.

One of the reasons I love living at the beach is for the casual lifestyle, the non corporate feel of the beach cities. I love that gentlemen Realtors get away with wearing Hawaiian shirts. I love being able to don a more “relaxed” outfit when out in the field looking at property. I run up and down staircases two and three at a time.  Can’t do that in stilettos!

On this night I was tired after putting in a long day’s work prior to the event as I”m sure the other exhibitors were, but I at least attempted to pull myself together into a presentable package. But this guy, what was he thinking!?!  If he was a grease monkey representing his gas station, or towing company (By the way, the Mayor of Torrance owns a Towing Company and I’ve never seen him in anything but a suit and tie) I would understand. But to be advertising his paying Networking group dressed and groomed as he was, I just couldn’t fathom.

When pondering this slovenly fellows thought process, or lack there of,  my big question was, “Why in heck (or elsewhere) would I EVER want to be a part of his Networking Group?” How could being a part of his group help me or anyone else? I averted my open mouth stare and moved quickly to the next exhibitor.  But REALLY, how could you represent anything in the best light when you look like road kill?

I guess that’s enough venting for one day. Or perhaps let’s call it helpful criticism? My philosophy is that you don’t have to be dressed to the nines to put your best face forward, put your best effort forward.  You need to believe it what you do and the abilities you have. Shine, be proud and get out there! But please, wear a clean shirt and if it’s not asking too much, brush your hair.

Best Face Forward