I love to EAT. I love to cook I love to share.


I invited some clients over for dinner on a Friday night. Entertaining on a week night requires extra precision and perfect timing blended with advanced preparation.  Saturdays aren’t any better for me, I’m usually at an Open House but at least on Saturday I have the wonderful assistance of my sous chef husband Ken.

What is the perfect meal on a pre-halloween evening ? It should be seasonal and  I was outside Whole Foods by the time they opened. I wandered up and down the rows of alimentory ideas. I didn’t want to be pedestrian and have pumpkin soup, or some such gourd filled dish that lacked creativity. I wanted originality but earthy, fragrant personalized cooking. And then, when I spied the fresh Golden Beets I had a culinary moment of realization!

Conversation openers:  Cambezola stuffed mini peppers on the BBQ, prosciutto wrapped burstingly ripe honeydew melon, dates, Red Hawk and Midnight Moon cheese, sour dough boule and olive bread. Wine of course to extenuate the flavors.

Main Course: Rosemary/lime and garlic infused leg of lamb, massaged with olive oil and sea salt. Slow roasted Autumnal vegetables: parsnips, rotabega, turnips and then golden beets also slowly roasted and sliced in a vegetarian carpaccio style. Throw in a little steamed asparagus for Ken (he’s not into root vegetables) and voila!

Dessert: My signature souffle, a B52 Souffle, it’s flavor being derived from the libation of the same name. Kalouha, Grand Marnier and Bailey’s being the prominent liquid ingredients added to a classical roux. Top it off with creme fraiche and powered sugar and it usually is a crowd pleaser!

More wine, more conversation and story telling and then louder laughter more wine and it all equaled out to be a lovely evening.

How did I whip it all up? How did I find the time? I’ll never tell.