Winter is a cozy time of year. I like to have the fire going whenever we are home and when we have to go out, I enjoy bundling up, hat, gloves and the wind on my face. Winter is a time to really indulge and enjoy my steaming ‘Illy’ and the Sunday paper (maybe with a splash of “Baileys”in that coffee). But then a very overwhelming realization washes over me like a cold shower.

Two sets of brown orbs are staring up at me, pleading with me that it really IS time and that they REALLY have to go ‘walkies’.
It’s challenging enough to walk a dog in the rain, especially if you wear glasses. But the dogs I’m talking about are not any run of the mill ordinary short-haired variety, I’m talking BIG, WET,  STINKY &  WET 130 pounds of shake and spray. Now, times that by 2.

Walking Luna (130 lbs) and Argus (100 ish lbs) in the rain is a sight to be seen and a task not to be taken lightly. Rain gear must be donned on us humans. Giant Costco towel must be placed in the foyer. Patience has to be checked at the door. I wouldn’t say they love the rain. Luna actually hates her morning walk when she has to step into the dew soaked grass. What a wuss.  Argus  doesn’t care must about getting his paws wet, but they both like a walk in the rain.

Bouvier hair is hair,  not fur. I’m not sure that makes a difference in the Noaha’s Ark like preparations and aftermath of a simple around the block walk, but hey, at least their hair, their wet, soggy, smelly rain filled hair is hypo allergenic!

Walking down the street we do stand out. Not only because the Bouviers are so majestic and graceful, but because of the dorks walking them! We wear matching bright yellow ‘Vons’ rain jacket complete with hoodie and red luminescent strip. What a 4-some we make! A Redondo Beach rainstorm is not to be messed with,  and fashion simply is trumped.

So, we travel up and down the street, attempting to avoid large puddles which inevitably the dogs find their way into. They get wet very quickly and soon they are not quite so majestic looking. They look a little less fearsome, a little less grand. They look soppy, droopy and you can smell them a mile away.

On this particular night, I was busy in the kitchen so our friend took my place…I was happy for that! While they were walking and I was cleaning up the kitchen from a sumptuous dinner ( Lobster Risotto etc…) I was day dreaming about this:

Santa giving gifts to little tots covered in SPF 50. I guess that time of year is quickly approaching but it doesn’t feel like it here in the rain!

Today November 2011 almost a year later, the rain still  down good and strong, those soulful eyes are talking to me; I guess it’s time for me to walk the dogs!