'Service Above Self'

Change for most people can be frightening. Change often comes when we do not welcome it and elicited change can the most intimidating of all. Unless..

I have an inherent belief that being bold, being strong; being brave and confident frames ones goal-setting with an enthusiasm and positivity that creates possibilities.

Why do people stay in malignant relationships, dead end jobs, and negative outlooks? Because to take a leap into the unknown permeates our self- created vulnerability shield.

I’ve recently made a big bold move towards change; towards increased possibilities and untapped horizons. I had to put aside my cozy complaisance, remove emotion from the equation and decide.  I knew that shock and awe as well as heartfelt best wishes would flow into the future as a result of this decision, but with a certainty as solid as I have ever had, I made my choice, my choice for change.

Let’s talk change and thankfulness.

In the past few years my husband and I have “run away” to Santa Barbara for Thanksgiving. Just the two of us and our two Bouviers we sought the quiet and tranquility of the Biltmore. However in these socio-economic times of confusion, despair and frustration, my husband and I decided we wanted a change. We want to volunteer this Thanksgiving. We want to help serve those less fortunate a hot turkey dinner, a side dish of warmth and a dessert of compassionate understanding. But where would we do this? With increased numbers of individuals in need growing every day, I thought it would be easy to find a multitude of organizations needing our help this Thanksgiving Season.

Through my affiliation with Rotary, I ring the Salvation Army Bell every Holiday season. It is very rewarding to be on the receiving end of my community’s generosity.  I always bring along one of my dogs. People tend to give more when Argus or Luna accompanies me.  I’d bring both Boos but with a bell in one hand and a 130 pound Bouvier in the other, don’t think that would work out well.

My first call was to the Torrance Salvation Army. Then it was to the Redondo Beach Salvation Army. Then I called the San Pedro Salvation Army. To my dismay but utter joy, there has been an overwhelming outpouring of citizens this year who want to give back, want to help serve Thanksgiving Dinner. So I search on and hopefully I will find an arena where our goodwill is needed.

Can you imagine a world where goodwill was not needed? I’d give extra thanks for that.

Happy Thanksgiving to you, your family, your loved ones, friends and 4 legged friends.