I love the sun. Love to sit under it, sleep while it warms my skin. I adore to swim with the sun glinting on the water making little reflections of intrigue. But the sun is a mighty dragon who doesn’t like me.

I’ve just gone through another round of MOHS surgeries because of skin cancer. My Dr. is wonderful, amazing in fact, but still it’s not fun. It takes time to heal, the stitches annoy me and then my only souvenir is a lovely scar. Supposedly the most damage is done prior to the teen years.

When I was as little as 2 years or so, my second home was a pool in Palm Springs. I would spend hours swimming, playing Marco Polo, begging my mom to “look at me do this!”. Year after year that pool was the happiest place on earth; summer, winter spring and fall. But now, I’m paying the price. The price is the sharp knife belonging to the fine Dermatologist Dr. Neal Ammar. He is an artist, thank goodness.

So as I was recovering from my latest surgery, I was reminded how might mamma nature is. I am very respectful of the sun these days, I wear my sun block and I warn young mothers to protect their babies and kids. I respect Mamma nature. Don’t need to be reminded! THEN came the wind! Did I need reminding of her powers? I didn’t think so! I bow down to her Almighty strength but life is all about lessons. Oh my. Life lessons.The wind howled down our street, heavy palm frons rained down onto the sidewalk. Trees toppled, debris flew about. It was scary!I shut the windows and doors tight keeping Mamma nature outside but then the lights flickered and again, another reminder.I just hope the earth doesn’t rock and roll anytime soon!