It’s only December 15th and the holiday parties, office events and family gatherings are stacking up like airplanes on the flight path into LAX.

The cumulative effect of eggnog & bourbon concoctions is beginning to weigh heavily on my liver and there only seems to be a long road ahead of champagne cocktails, canapés and powdered sugar dusted snowflake cookies leaving me feeling bloated, exhausted and looking like Mr. Santa himself.

I feel my indomitable cheery nature is starting to frost over like over like the icy tundra of the great white North.

The increasing fatigue is sinking in and the weakening state of my body’s immune systems tells me to slow down and take a deep breath. But how? I haven’t finished my gift shopping, I haven’t wrapped the gifts I haven’t yet purchased and there is so little time left…..

Aside from Zen breathing while waiting in line at Nordstroms, swapping out Martinellis for real bubbles,  what is the best remedy to pace oneself during the holiday onslaught of mad rushing between shopping, parties, holiday eating, imbibing and not enough sleep?

I’ve discovered that the only way to survive the Holidays is to put one Ugg boot in front of the other and take it one day, one soiree, one office gathering and one family party at a time.

OR, before you RSVP and double book SIRI with rendezvous, contemplate a different sort of holiday “high”. Ring the bell for the Salvation Army. Volunteer at a Soup Kitchen, visit a nursing or VA facility. I guarantee you will have a natural high like no other.

However you celebrate, I wish you Happy Holidays. Drink responsibly and watch how you park your Reindeer in the Beach Cities. The parking police are VERY picky these days!