Today I’m inspired to the core.

Once a Quarter my Rotary Club joins the other clubs that comprise District 5280, and we have a “District Breakfast”. Hundreds of Rotarians meet, eat, talk about upcoming programs and always there is a fascinating speaker. It starts early, 7.00 am but that doesn’t stop the enthusiasm, or in my case the TEARS. Yes you read correctly, the tears. It is a 100% guarantee that I will shed some during the program. What brings on the salty water works is not the sad and horrible plight of the many we help with clean water, educational grants, wheel chairs etc, but the success stories. The amazing life altering second chances Rotary provides for literally millions.

Case in Point:

This Friday January the 13th 2012 marks a HUGELY important Global Rotary Anniversary. This Friday it will be one year exactly that India has not experienced a new cases of Polio. Imagine the weight of that statement. Imagine how radical, life changing. Imagine how it happened. How did it happen? Well thanks to the tireless efforts of Rotary International and Rotary’s many donors, the Polio Plus Program of immunization, India is the current densely populated country with such a wonderful anniversary. One year!

However, three countries lie in wait. Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria.

I BLARE quite a lot about community service and my Rotary Brothers and Sisters, but today this took on a much larger scale of my Rotary family and I am so proud, so moved to see just how dedicated Rotarians are. If one less child has to suffer the ravages of Polio, then 1.5 million Rotary members worldwide breath a collective, heartfelt sigh of relief, a heart racing Rotary Moment of achievement.

If you are feeling unfulfilled in your life, in your work and unsatisfied with Politics and global change, discover your own potential Rotary Moment. Come with me to a meeting! We have such fun, we eat well, and we laugh a lot. We bring change for the better to many lives. Can you say that today?
In parting, I don’t mean to sound preachy. I want to share. I want to share the rewarding feeling I get.

The sweet salty tears feel so good.