Awarded by The South Bay Association of Realtors 2011

It’s official. I won the great honor of “Citizen of the Year” by The South Bay Association of Realtors. The award stands for and among other things ‘Devotion to my Community….’

As many of you who know me or read my blogs know, giving back is very important to me. Now to be recognized for giving back by my community of Realtors is the cherry on the pie, or the Creme Chantille on my favorite Gateaux.

Helping those in greater need than myself is rewarding because the results are often tangible. Smiles given to me with abandon, families fed, notes received, a glimmer of light giving a brighter path to many – this is why I do what I do but there is another reason.

I want to share the lilmitless ROI on giving, on helping and being involved. By giving and bringing light to what I do in my own small way, I strive to get the message out, to inspire others to join the ‘Service Above Self’ motto that Rotary lives by.

So perhaps by helping a family or a school child, my efforts will be doubled by the sheer fact that others may be moved to action. People who read my blog may step up to the ‘service’ plate and serve up some well needed relief, happiness, food or a second chance at a decent life.

I share this honor, this award with all of you. I share it with an open heart, a giving spirit and hope that all of you will join the force of 1, one person can make a difference.

Thank you South Bay Association of Realtors. This means the world to me.