You know what it’s like. You’ve seen a house from the outside and it rocks your world. It may not be in your neighborhood (ok, it’s out of your budget) but you’ve admired it from afar every time you pass by. You can just imagine all the interior details, how stunning it is. How magical the design, the decorations. You try to imagine what lucky successful person owns your dream home, your fantasy home.

In my line of work I run across so many “personal fantasy” homes. Homes that I admire for the architecture, the opulence, the location, the views. But I’m lucky because I have the opportunity to see inside these dream homes. I get to cross over the threshold of the unknown into the living room, the bedrooms, the kitchens and more.

Very often I am completely taken aback. Thrown out of my reverie and into someone else’s property reality. The flow of the home is off, the rooms are small and choppy. I won’t even go into my silent argument of their design sense! I leave the property feeling deflated that the huge build up from the outside did not match up to the reality of “my vision” of the 4 walls shall I say.

On one hand, my property envy is lessened a little when the home falls short of my personal expectation, which makes my professional life a little more tolerable. Imagine being a total chocoholic and working in a candy factory where you are NEVER allowed to sample the sweets? Never allowed to take home a couple dozen kilos of truffle stuffed truffles!

Well there is a house on the market in Manhattan Beach that I admired from afar. So close to Downtown where the action is. Sits up high, would have tremendous views. I admire contemporary design and this seemed to have it all, AND it was touted to be GREEN. I was GREEN with envy and couldn’t wait to get inside when it came on the market.

I was poised to LOVE it. To lust after it. Well, nothing could be farther from the truth.

As aforementioned, it was choppy. The bedrooms had a sort of Shade Hotel meets your private residence quality – for those of you who are familiar with SHADE’s rooms, the bathroom features prominently in the bedroom, which works for a hotel, but perhaps not so for a home, even a vacation home in my mind.

The kitchen, well, it is the great room style, living room, kitchen dining area all rolled into one, which I love, especially if you are maximizing on the views. However, this home tries and fails to squeeze it all in. There is no room for “hanging out”. Living room? Forget it.

Then there is the ORB fireplace. OH how I love the ORB fireplace, but not when it is virtually 3 feet from the kitchen island. You can stand in between the island and the fireplace but you can’t sit in front of it. You can’t cuddle in front of it. In all fairness, perhaps there is some magical way to move the orb that I couldn’t figure out. If so, then I retract the previous comments, just a little.

Yes the windows are spectacular as they reveal the pride of the South Bay, and yet….

Fantasy Gone Amiss

So, cross another one off my list of “dream homes”. This is not for me even in fantasy land. But I hope I can sell it to someone!