If you’ve got a love for all things Indonesian, have been to Bali and would like to spend more time there but life just doesn’t allow you that luxury, well I’ve got the answer.

436 32nd Street gives you Bali and more. Nestled just West by a few homes of the pinnacle of Sand Dune Park, is a Zen dream of a home. The home is astonishing, stunning, and English words cannot describe the beauty. Saying that however, you must love wood, and detail. Perfection is in the details, right? Well this home doesn’t miss any. From the Buddha Bar fountain that sprinkles a higher state of consciousness throughout the home, to the sumptuousness of the appointments, the lay out and the ‘aura’ of the home complete a sense of serene beauty.

Yes I’m gushing. Why not? I’ve been to Bali and loved every micro minute of my stay there. Don’t know when I’ll go back, but in the meantime, I may just pop by and gaze…

$2,799,000 – that’s a lot of first class tickets to Bali, but then again, you can OWN this. Only magical  spirits own Bali.