How refreshing it is to have some new “real estate meat” out there. The inventory is beginning to swell but not fast enough to satisfy the hunger of the buying populus. We Realtors are still faced on a daily basis or let’s call it a transactional basis, with spicy competition, calorific multiple counter offers.

Should I admit that I lost a goodie? A property in South Redondo Beach? Ok, I”m a human realtor after all, not a machine. My client knew that this amazing property was a large project but the bones of this architectural gem was fantastic. The outdoors melted in with the living space almost seamlessly. However, styles have changed and this home needed a lot of updating. Long story short, there were 5 offers (ours was one) and the agent cut off the pipeline and was not accepting any more. We fought a good fight but lost out…the next one will be less of a fixer.

My favorite new listing on Friday was actually one that fell out of escrow.  A Duplex of a deal  in Hermosa on a huge lot zoned R2. possibilities abound but this property too needs a lot of TLC TOTAL LOVE COMPLETION, to bring it to today’s world.

As the old adage goes, or rather as I’ve made it up just now, “there is a topping for every person’s pizza”. Not everyone likes the perfect flow of a floor plan, a huge yard. Some people just like what they like and it surprises all of us in the Realtor community sometimes when a property sells for WHAT? THAT MUCH?

I’m at my Open House at the moment, trying to catch a breath in between visitors. It’s really busy out there.

Hope you all miss me when I’m in Sacramento valiantly trying to effectuate change where needed and keep the same what is of value to us homeowners.