Take this property in Hermosa Beach for example. 224 Holllowell.  A beautifully spacious single family home with views. But there is a problem. The drawback for most will be the fact that there are only 2 bedrooms.  Yes 2318′ of living space, that’s roomy but only two bedrooms? Who will live there? Too big for a bachelor, too small for a family? Without being too negative there is a nice loft that could be converted into a bedroom, but as is, only 2 real legitimate sleeping rooms.

But in my opinion, in this case Number of Bedrooms does not Trump Size, Quality, Views and flow/floorplan.

This elevated corner lot sits pretty high up in Hermosa Hills. The ocean views are worth every penny of this $1,350,000 price tag (almost). The home is majestic without being pompous or too formal. You feel GOOD when you are inside. You feel welcome, relaxed and most importantly at home.

There is a flow in this house, an openness that is very luxurious and very comfortable at the same time. Even the location on the street, is wonderful. The landscaping is conservative from a water standpoint.

All in all you can’t go wrong with this truly lovely home. Curb appeal, livability, pride of ownership, style, unique finishes and functionality.

At the end of the day, after just a few hours on the market, this property has one offer IN hand and one in the works. So, who says Size matters?