At last this past week brought about some Real Estate Change:  NEW LISTINGS.

We’ve been so starved for so long and now some decent inventory is trickling in like a welcome waterfall in a Zen fountain.

Trying it out for comfort

My favorite by far was 1918 Manhattan Ave, Hermosa Beach. How could anyone Realtor or not, not fall in love with this property. I mean it has its own YOGA room…talk about calming and Zen like.

4 beds, 4 baths listed at $5, 850,000 there ought to be a lot to love.

There is the design, the cool feel of the Hawaiian Plantation design, the airiness of the property, the views from the rooftop, from the living area. The amenities, the fixtures, that STUNNING underlit counter top is amazingly hypnotic.

My only bone to pick is that most of the demographic of buyers would be perhaps entertainers, people who would love to cook appreciate all aspects of gourmet life, but the cooktop is……..ELECTRIC. Any REAL chef would prefer the electric chair. Maybe they were going for the sleek design, or maybe they are looking for a buyer who is into the RAW craze of cooking. Who knows.

Alive with light and movement

There were other properties that deserved note, 631 6th has a ton of light and space, bayview was well priced I thought…

Here’s to the next weeks batch of listings —– Bring it on baby!