I’m pretty good in the Techie department, but since I”m not 20 years old I do have some deficiencies.

I’d like to share a Testimonial from a lovely client who bought a home in Torrance and I had the pleasure of representing her. It was not an easy transaction as it was an REO property in which the file was being outsourced in India. Imagine the logistics! Having lived in the Middle East for 3 years (that’s another story) I’ve had the opportunity to learn how to say Thank You, amongst other things, in many different languages. Being able to connect with the person in charge of the file, simply by saying Thank You in his langauge – again there are many dialects in India so I had to be careful – I fully believe it made a difference in the transaction.


Happy First Time Buyers

The loan was expertly carried out by Andre Hemmersbach of American California. He was wonderfully responsive and as a team we worked very well together.

So, if my Japanese audience is out there, I give to you Sachi’s testimonial of our transaction together.
here to view the video.