Let’s Talk Views, Views and and the Ever Changing South Bay

Every now and then a parcel of land or a lot comes along that inspires. It can inspire a variety of emotions or contemplations. Some maybe of a dream like nature, some might be pure financial gain driven, some might be aesthetic.

2906 Tennyson Place in Hermosa Beach does all of the above and more.  For me as a Realtor it evokes visions of opportunity for all parties involved. The fortunate person who can afford this 15,000’ lot in which to build their dream Southern California South Bay estate, the talented Realtor who will negotiate the transaction , the exuberantly excited architect  artist and the various 7 degrees of separation entourage of builders, contractors etc.

But I digress somewhat. This big view lot with a scraper on it brings out a more philosophical inner discussion in my own head.

As I climbed up the ladder to fully inhale the views I paused. I paused to reflect that our South Bay, our sleepy out of the way South Bay is really growing up. But what is it growing up into?

Pick up a Wall Street Journal and you’ll read that the Techie Titans are buying up the South Bay. Read a local online AOL funded newspaper, Patch.com and you’ll see that Redondo Beach home values are on the rise.

Drive around and you see a lot of fine vehicles. Admire the new construction -there are some real designed beauties (and a real dog on the Hermosa Beach Strand and you know which one I mean). We even have great food now that Manhattan Beach Post Restaurant is firmly ensconced in town.  We’ve got Terranea, our very own resort, a Boutique Hotel -now almost a chain, Shade coming soon to Redondo Beach to join it’s oh so cool uptown sister in Manhattan Beach.

But what drives all this growth? Well, it is the wonderful Schools and the beautiful Pacific Ocean. I just hope that all of the glitz and glamour doesn’t erode or shine over the simple pleasures of Life at the Beach. The Beach Cities used to be a lot more laid back. Hermosa Pier, not known for its shining example of healthy living, is cleaning up its act and now we’ll have another hotel to add to the landscape replacing some of the REAL Hermosa Beach hangouts.

I love living in the South Bay. I love each beach city for its uniqueness. I love the Peninsula for its sheer stunning beauty and echoes of the South of France.

So, if you want to build in your own corner of the South Bay’s heaven on Tennyson Place, you’d better hurry because as I write this, there are most probably already multiple offers on the table.