Today I will be moderating a very illustrious panel of experts in the fields of Immigration, Taxation and Transactions.

Global Real Estate is here, has been here for some time.

Did you know that Realtors earned $5 BILLION in commissions from foreign buyers in the past year? Why do I bring this up to you my readership?

If you have a home or an investment property that you want to sell, you need to recognize that your buyer pool is greater than your backyard. The Global Marketplace is where the buyers are located and you MUST have a Realtor who is Globally able to represent you.

Conversely, if you wish to purchase property as for a multitude of possible reasons outside the USA, again you need a Realtor who is able to respresnt your interests with the proper level of Global abilities and connections.

I wish you could all attend this event today however this is not the case. But I will be able to answer  questions that you may have about Global Real Estate Transactions. If I cannot answer your question, then I will research it for you or direct you to the expert in the field who will be able to assist you.

Today #Cindy #Spetalnick CPA, #Jared #Leung Immigration Attorney and #Giacomo #Gallai Corporate Attorney will be speaking on the crucial aspects affecting a Global Real Estate transaction.

Please allow me to further define a Global Real Estate Transaction:

  • Inbound
  • Outbound
  • Local Multicultural

Global Real Estate is not limited to foreigners buying in the US. It includes that group, but also YOU Americans buying abroad for a mulitute of  reason, and for people of the varied cultures living in our Melting Pot – the USA.

So remember, the world is your oyster and it is getting smaller every day.

Wish me luck, I hope to have better control of the panelist than at all three debates combined!

Faithfully, your I.R.E.S Certified Realtor (International Real Estate Specialist)

Real Estate is GLOBAL