Exquisite Elixir

On Saturday I was treated to a culinary indulgence that hyped me up and excited my taste buds for hours.

Natasha invited me to the Epicure Import warehouse sale. I’ve been invited for years, but going to the depths of North Hollywood is not my idea of a joyride. I hate to leave the Beaches of the South Bay when I don’t have to but this time I felt the undeniable tug of my gourmet conscious.

It was a rainy dull Saturday and I didn’t know what to expect. I knew that I’d get to speak French and do some shopping for yummy items. Maybe a cassoulet? Maybe a rich saussison? But what I didn’t realize was  what gastronomic levels of euphoria I’d reach.

From the moment I entered into the “realm” of gastro paradise I was a goner. I was simultaneously high as a kite with excitement and zoned out in a deep dark chocolate fog as I moved down the isles with awe.

There was an array of cheeses, my favorite stinkiest of the stinkies “Epoisse”. There was a plethora of smells, of exalted noises emanating from other gastro gluttons. I started filling my cart with lamb Merguez, confit de canard, magret de canard, pate with Brandy, cornichons, there was not enough time, definitely not enough money to fulfil my most earnest and earthly desires.

Vinegar. Who would think that Vinegar could be an exquisite item of beauty for not only the tongue but for the eyes? I bought stunning little “inkwells” of a precious elixir which I can’t wait to give as holiday gifts for my bread loving breathren.

Chocolate…. as I hypnotically pushed my cart down row upon row of divine delices a chocolate fairy put an exquisite truffle into my cooperative mouth. Everyone was ramped up on a major food high, anticipating a dinner party event in the future.

The one item that I have been having nightmares about is the big container of White anchovies, marinated in some fantastic briny concoction. My husband wouldn’t know what to do with an anchovy  and the container was so big….but they are so heathy, so salty, so tangy….You just can’t find them here…..only in France and Italy….oh well. I’ll cry briny tears that if I’m lucky will end up on my tongue as a reminder to not let such an opportunity pass again.

The only downside was the LONG line at the check out. But in the end it wasn’t a negative. I got to talk and mingle with others who are just as crazed about food as I am. We even pushed one another’s carts because of course, bien sur, there were items we missed and had to run off and collect. I mean who could leave without a big giant bag of lavender? Not me!

There is one more such event for the public December 15 & 16. If you are interested, email me. I know you can find me if you really want to. Just sniff and you’ll smell me a mile off…..

Yours in cheese,

Oh So Stinky!