I do

I do

I cry at weddings.

I’ve not attended many but no matter how hard I bite my lower lip, hold my breath or breathe through my ears, the tears sneak down my cheeks and the sniffing begins.

This time it is very different. My husband Ken is going to be the legal officiator at our friends wedding and he has been planning the ceremony for months. I help too, but this is his gig and I’m overwhelmed at how amazing it is turning out.

Let me tell you a bit about my husband. Firstly he has a quirky sense of humor which borders on shock and awe. I guess his mom didn’t give him enough attention when he was a little tot because sometimes he says stuff that, well, I had to learn how to control. Secondly and surprisingly, he is a little shy. Thirdly, he can be a tad irreverent and sarcastic (I’m working on that).  Early in our marriage I had to create a quick reference catch phrase to put him in check. I.S.B. stands for “Inappropriate Social Behavior”.

I don’t mean to paint an unfair portrait – that of someone who I shouldn’t let out of the house, he’s not THAT bad but let’s just say that over the last 10 years of our marriage, he still manages to embarrass the heck out of me on occasion.

Our friends and especially the friends that Ken is going to bind into legal matrimony know him and his antics well. So why you ask would they ask Ken to stand before their family and friends with carte blanche to potentially reek a little havoc, cause mild embarrassment and then pronounce them man and wife?

The answer lies in the pages of his ceremony that I read aloud the other night to my sister an editor and film maker. I thought she’d be a good one to try it out on.

As I read the words, the quotes, the imagery and his prose those wedding tears welled up in my throat, crawled up my nasal passage and squirted out of my eyes. It was beautiful. His words were insightful, tender, humorous (of course) and lovingly chosen.

The bride and the groom knew that Ken would deliver something deep,rich and profound. I guess they knew that because they know about our love and the way that Ken, wrapped up in a sarcastic blanket of self preservation and shock value holds deep within a sensitivity that will illuminate the night of their nuptial ceremony.

I can’t wait for January 12th. I can’t wait for Ken to unite this couple in wedded bliss, legally and for eternity. I can’t wait for the gathered group to be a part of this magical moment.

Please excuse any typos as my eyes are moist and fogged up.

I would say I do again and again to my Ken.

Love is a Beautiful thing

Love is a Beautiful thing