alma didn't light me up

The expectation of experiencing the oeuvres of Ari Taymore was the highlight of my month. I savored the anticipation; sadly the anticipation was more savory than the experience. The youthful creative cuisine of “Alma” left me deflated and uninspired.

Don’t get me wrong, I admire the combination of the unusual bedfellow ingredients, the atmosphere was definitely hip, but the hype got ramped up to perhaps as they say in the lending world, “over promised and under achieved”.

The chicken liver dish was one of the best by far of all the small plates; sidebar:   I found the matt patina or lack thereof of the plates, to mute or even dull down the presentation of the food. The urchin, burrata and licorice greens on toast with a sprinkle of caviar  indeed amused my taste buds.

The Main course dishes really disappointed. The steak has literally no flavor or personality, be it visual or tactility on the tongue, and the lamb had to be sent back and further discussed with the very patient and sweet waitress.

I tried the sweetbreads and was pleased enough to eagerly await the oncoming plates (oh those plates).
The pigeon with blueberry was again, lacking in the flavor department.

I then quietly and sadly pondered the viability of staying for dessert. Happily my dining partners agreed that we should bail and seek more tantalizing options.

Dessert at AOC in their new location was a lovely diversion and completed the evening on a sweet high note.

Youthful exuberance, salted with a tad of palpable conceit won’t have me racing back.