Stunning Home

In full disclosure, there is a history here. If you are in the know about Manhattan Beach Real Estate, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Once upon a Broker’s Open I toured a home; a home that sits pretty as a Napa field of lavender. A home situated on an enviable  corner, double lot in the Tree Section of Manhattan Beach.

As I walked from room to room,  dazzled by the charm, the light, the textures, designs, furnishings and the fabulous spread for lunch, complete with “adult beverages” I stopped dead in my tracks. I circled about like a dog covering her…tracks. I retoured the downstairs, ran upstairs. I was puzzled. Perplexed and a strange feeling was mounting in my throat.  Was it outrage? Incredibility? Was it me? Was I nuts?

Let me paint the image with my best most erudite words. “What the Flip happened to the Master Bathroom?”, Did the architect forget it? Did he run out of space in this semi large 3800′ home?

Don’t get me wrong, the home is beautiful. Different. But would the average buyer with a $4M budget be satisfied with a single sink in a tiny master bathroom?

This blog post begs for feedback. I’m truly anxious to hear what you have to say.

I understand that if you haven’t seen the property it is difficult to judge. But I have and I stand in judgment! This master bath left me scratching my head at the world and all it’s marvels.

I'm confused

I’m confused