Let’s Talk Tuesdays

In the South Bay of Southern CA where I live and work, Tuesdays is the gem of the week. Many restaurants offer two for menu plans, Hennessey’s offers two for Tuesday burgers, buy one get one free! Hudson House has Tuesday Taco specials. And at the movies, well you guess it, they have a special too.

Routines are important. You would never skip brushing your teeth, along with other crucial hygiene rituals, staying hydrated on hot days, exercise or turning off the lights and locking the front door at night. I have a new routine, one that is almost as important as flossing.

I have a “Tuesday” friend who I’ve seen progress from independent woman to house- bound hostage. She doesn’t want this self induced captivity, but she can’t drive, has trouble walking- add those together and voila, she stays home.

One day I came to call on my lady friend (not on a Tuesday) and she told me how she longed to go out, out to the movies. Please take note that I’m a very busy (and successful J) Realtor, wife, mother of 3 huge dogs and a variety of adult children who seem to always need my attention. I don’t have an abundance of spare time, free time or even borrowed time. But now I make an exception and the rewards are huge.

My husband is not much of a movie go-er but my sweet British house bound honey and I escape life every Tuesday afternoon and head straight for the flicks. Rhona is her name and each Tuesday she eagerly awaits my arrival. She must be watching from the window, as my car is a stealth 100% electric so there is no way she could hear me pull up the drive. Rhona is always dressed up and cheerfully smiling from ear to ear. She told me an angel sent me to her. This melts my heart.

I have this mantra that if you don’t make a difference in someone’s life, then your own life is just a series of events. I find this to be ultimately true. Once you are gone, what mark have you left? What joy have you given? How has your time on earth made a difference, a dent in this often too cruel world?

I cannot explain the miraculous feeling of unbridled joy that bursts from my heart as I take her arm and guide her slowly and carefully to through the semi darkened theatre. Rhona gives me a squeeze as we settle into the seats that she has choosen and our routine begins. We first analyze the previews and determine which movies are worthy of our precious weekly date. Then we discuss the previous movie we saw in great detail and finally we giggle a little and settle down to watch the show.

So far we are three for three. Each movie has artistically enfolded us into its digital arms and transported us far away from our cares, fears and life’s worries. We are on a winning streak, no thumbs down yet. Each movie has been better than the previous one!

I’m not sure what will flash on the giant glowing screen and capture our attention, but I can tell you that I am addicted to that next hit of real Tuesday merriment.