Let’s Talk Stress and the Real Meaning of the Holidays

Most of us live in a fast passed world crammed with deadlines, responsibilities, burdens and worries, and then comes the Holidays.

Holidays. What does it mean to you? Whatever and however you celebrate or whatever are your beliefs, isn’t in this a time of year, (for those so fortunate) for family, feasting and giving to others?
So why does the media insist on reinforcing the notion that the Holidays are nothing but a stressed filled rush to the finish line? At what point did Black Friday become more important than Uncle Fred across town, alone and needing a poorly but lovingly hand knitted muffler and a visit? When did toys and deals supersede the pure joy of BEING with family, cooking together, laughing together, and playing traditional family games together?
I want to boycott this idea of the stressful holidays. I want to inspire a collective deep Yoga breath to let in the positive and exhale out the negative. If little Johnny doesn’t get every item from his long list of entitled wishes, so be it! Give him an hour of exclusive time and read to him. Dust off that old Scrabble box and work on his brain power – together.

I understand the desire to have the perfect tree, the impeccable dinner table, everyone’s favorite dish. I know you want to do it ALL on your own but step back. Let little Johnny and his sister make a pie – with guidance of course, if it’s ugly WHO CARES! If all the ingredients are correct, it’s got to turn out, well, at least edible.
Family, some you love, and some you tolerate. Take a moment while grandma rattles on and when you catch yourself rolling your eyes, ask yourself, what have I learned from this elderly person? What part of me have I gained from her life experience? Is she suffering from embarrassment because she can’t remember your fourth grade teacher’s name? Move on! Give her some more egg nog and a hug.

STOP the madness. STOP the greed. Unleash the stress to the atmosphere.
Teach your children the value of giving to others. Teach your family to give as a unit. Teach your children how wonderful it feels to give away a prized gift to someone who doesn’t have a Mom or a Dad…. Help them to realize what they’ve got that can’t be bought at Best Buy.
Try not to fall prey to pressure, usually self induced, over the holidays. Let go of a little angst. It’s good for you.

Here’s a plan that may help. It’s easy.
Look inward. Give outward.
Merry, Merry, Jolly, Jolly, and Ho Ho Ho.Bell Ringing.