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We finally made it to ‪#‎maisonakira‬  We’ve been trying to get there for some time but living in the South Bay and various life incidents kept us away.

We decided to go for our 12 year wedding anniversary and boo hoo, I have to say I was disappointed.

I had the tasting menu and the message of Chef Akira is a good one, but the execution was lacking. The food presentation was sloppy, seemingly hurried and tired…..I was so looking forward to being wowed but this did not happen.
I have been spoiled by the world’s greatest chefs, but still I know how to appreciate simply good, well constructed food with creativity. Sad to say, it’s a pass here in Pasadena….The meat dishes were tastey and the Soufflé was a nice way to finish but the inbetween was, well for lack of a better word, tepidly sad and worn out.

Our waiter was lovely, understood that the table’s bread was God awful. Their supplier was no longer supplying for some reason. I would rather have had little radiches instead.

the Oyster flan was “nice”, but the amuse bouche was dried up on the edges  was not amusing nor for the eyes or tastebuds.

I think they’ve got the right idea but someone needs to shake the place up. Wake up the quality control quard who is asleep at the helm.