Love affair with my first time buyers, they are SO cute

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Do you  remember the feeling of tingly excitement mixed with  anticipation and a dash of spicy fear of your first kiss, or falling in love for the first time?  There’s nothing quite like it, and once experienced, it can never be replicated.

Buying your first home can’t really be compared to your first kiss or your first love however buying your first home is usually equally emotional, exciting and dizzying.

It’s an extraordinary adventure and one that I never tire of sharing with my first time buyer clients.

There is something so poignant, sweet and endearing watching my first time buyers sit in my office with their notes, their lists of questions and their trepidation laced enthusiasm.

Upon my experienced shoulders  the first time buyer places a gigantic dose of trust. As I  guide them to the  right investment that matches their goals, both financial and lifestyle,  I must conjure…

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