A_DSC0166s technology has become increasingly common in people’s daily lives, it’s of no surprise that home buyers are beginning to expect it to show up in houses they are interested in purchasing. A recent survey of more than 500 Coldwell Banker real estate agents found that the majority of respondents, about two-thirds, said that they had seen an increase in the number of buyers interested in home technology features compared to two to five years ago.

Although nearly half of those surveyed said that Millennials were interested in smart home features, it is actually members of Generation X that showed the most interest according 57 percent of respondents. Sellers appear to be noting the desire of buyers for homes with technology features, and 60 percent of realtors surveyed indicated that they saw a rise in the number of listings featuring smart technology compared to between two and five years ago.

Along with noting the increasing interest of home buyers in being able to control systems in their home with a mobile device, sellers may also be adding these features to listings because it can make a home sell faster. About a third stated that homes with smart technology sell more quickly than those without it.

Thanks to developments in technology and reduction in the cost of installing it, homes of all price points may have smart home features. The survey indicates that people are most desirous of smart home technologies that provide safety and temperature control capabilities, followed by lighting, entertainment and smart appliances.