On May 29th, Takashi Yanai and Patricia Rhee, associates from Ehrlich Architects, will be discussing their firm’s design goals and how the company is becoming a force in the future of architecture. The corporation recently received the American Institute of Architects, or AIA, Architecture Firm Award. The AIA is an organization that recognizes individual architects and firms for their exceptional accomplishments.

Architectural Past and Future 

California modernism began during the early 1900s. The state is famous for minimalizing the traditional Craftsman bungalow and building residences that blend indoor and outdoor spaces.

You can see examples of California’s architectural future in the Zeidler house, which was built in 2008. This Aptos residence was designed by the Ehrlich Architects firm, and its exterior features classic modern materials like glass and cement. The residence exhibits additional contemporary elements with its use of negative space and inclusion of nature.

The McElroy home also shows the firm’s architectural direction with streamlined styling, deep overhangs and low profile design components. It displays the lasting style of midcentury design combined with subtle futuristic components.

The John M. Roll United States Courthouse is another example of the firm’s modern architectural style. Stone was used to construct the building’s exterior while a geometrically styled pergola allows the sun to shine through it and decorate the cement walk below. However, residential development continues to be a major focus of the Ehrlich Architects firm as the housing field allows the corporation to produce contemporary design concepts that it can use for large-scale projects.

Future Designs 

Yanai and Rhee will talk about the firm’s design process as well as its approach to creating structures like the Elevon at Campus El Segundo, which will be ready for use next year. This state-of-the-art design shows how the firm intends to revolutionize where people work and live.