Smart Home
Does anyone actually need a home with a front door that unlocks automatically as soon as they approach it? Probably not. However, many people are likely to want these types of conveniences, and they could also make selling a home much easier along with boosting its final sale price.
Thanks to the increasing cheapness of tiny computers, which can be put into a variety of boring household devices, and the proliferation of WiFi, old and staid products in the home are getting a makeover. Along with the aforementioned door that can be unlocked remotely, air conditioners, refrigerators and washers and dryers with the ability to connect to the Internet are becoming available. Many of these new smart devices offer both remote management and diagnostic capabilities.
For example, if a washing machine is having problems with balance or load issues, it can alert someone with a text message. Air conditioners that are low on coolant can also let people know that they need to have a technician out. Some of these technologies have been available for a while, but thanks to wireless connectivity, they don’t require someone to have wires running throughout their home to work, which makes them far cheaper to install.
Another major benefit that is likely to draw in potential home buyers is the ability to improve a home’s energy efficiency. Remotely controlled lighting and HVAC systems can cut down on power consumption when members of a household are not around, making smart devices both nifty and potential money savers.