Post Ranch Inn Birthday 2015, Big Sur

Birthday Kiss

The anticipation was palpable for weeks, an imaginary sweet and tangy amuse bouche on the tip of my tongue. It was A dream come true – my birthday destination vacation. My 52nd year on this planet. I was ready. I was excited. I was thrilled.

We drove up from LA on the one and only Highway 1  destination: an earthly paradise called The Post Ranch Inn.

The route’s terrain is vast, rugged, angry; the road insisting on yeilding into the mountainside. Highway 1 stretches out for miles, carved out in a zig zag of magnificsent engeneering. The German engine gobbled up the road, hungry for corners, curves and speed. The wind in our hair, the sun on our smiling faces – life – a great gift and we knew it.

On this anually travelled upon drive, lunch is Mandatory at Naptenthe and on arrival the blue jays greeted us like old pals and we sat, sipped and laughed, the mighty Pasific lulling, glistening and captivating.

Next stop was THE Inn and as we entered the property, the serenity welcomed us with earth toned structures, deer quietly grazing on the path. Every angle seemed to melt into the earth, into the sky and best of all, into the sea……….

It was my birthday and I wanted to bask in every moment, in otherwords, milk it every chance I got, and I had many such milkable moments, starting with an amazing facial and body massage. As I was lathered, scrubbed, adorned and smoothed, I’d grab a quick peek into the forest that was our weekend sancturary. The Spa is nestled amongst the trees, gentle light filtering in between the aged branches. In my blissful absence, Ken was relaxing at the basking pool while the years were melting off my face.

It was time for the unveil. We were driven in electric silence to our abode. Our room/suite,  “Fee” was named after Dolores and her husband, pioneers in Big Sur. Luxury was not a feature in their lives.

The  suite had a masculine air; dark earthen walls; wood,  stone and cement, burnt Sienna and greys. The Bed was appropriately positioned facing the Sea. The huge sliding windows equipped with electronic shades, muting the views, not obliterating them. Swinging saloon doors yeilded to the bath room, grey toilet, grey towels, more curves.

Off of the living room The stainless steel infinity hot tub beckoned us. Every line was a gentle; rounded curves and the patio held hands with sea. A stag woke me from my revery. He was as calm and still as the blades he was feasting upon. The inroom music system pulsed softely to Buddha Bar tunes. Yes, I was in heaven. Time fluidly advanced.

The huge shower with a view to the sea, reflections of the sea prepared us for the festivities to come. The dinner, my birthday dinner at Sierra Mar was here. It was time and I couldn’t wait.The Sun was actually waiting for us to set.

Our table was seemingly suspended over the Pacific Ocean. The colors were truly breathtaking. The whales breached on cue. The sunset was more glorious than Mother Nature could have possibly intended. Spectacular in an insignificant use of the language to exalt the beauty before us.

The 9 course tasting menu and bottle of Borolo, the gifts and excitement left me beyond giddy. Creative and playful the dishes touched all senses.

The days blended together as the pines, the rocks, clouds floated harmoniously with the sea.

Bottomless Bubbles were drunk.  We were drunk with love, drunk with the sublime scenery and each other.

Gratitude oozes still from my pores.Post Views Sunset