If you are like a majority of Americans, you have faith in home buying and believe you can sell you home for at least the price you paid for it. Many Americans also believe now is a smart time to purchase a new home.
Over the last few years, the reasons behind these opinions have remained the same. You may want to build equity, strive for a safe living environment, and want freedom to select the neighborhood where you live.
Owning a home is a big part of the “American Dream,” which is thriving in many communities. Since 2013, the amount of renters who contemplate home buying has grown. Approximately 61 percent of renters describe home ownership as a top priority. A high number of these people would appreciate the opportunity to participate in pre-purchase counseling programs.
In recent years, attitudes toward real estate have improved. You may have noticed increased activity in the housing market and have lower concerns about foreclosed properties. However, certain obstacles remain, which may hamper your ability to buy a home. If you are like many individuals, you may lack the money for a down payment or are struggling with student loans. With improved market conditions, house prices have increased, and inventory has decreased.
On a high note, millennials under 35 years of age have an upbeat and positive opinion concerning America’s future. Their positive views may brush off onto the rest of the country and contribute to the continuing recovery of the housing market.