Paris you are my second home, so familiar are your streets and boulevards, cover my eyes, spin me around and I’ll always find my way – home.

Paris your sounds of mobilettes, honking and barking dogs are second nature to me, like my breath on a chilly morning walk in the 7eme in search of the perfect grand creme and tartine.

Paris your Chestnut trees’s soft wrestling keeping time to the rhythmic scratching of the street sweepers twig brush is a perfect melody as the leaves are guided to flow into the gutters rives.

Paris your crazy perfume of diesel and cigarettes is the heady mix I in breathe in with abandon.

Paris you are the magic that feeds the soul of my eyes, your beauty and balance render me weightless in your wake. You are the thief of my breath as I humbly gaze at your magnificent Golden Glow.

Paris you are the eternal candle on my birthday cake, the North Star of my endless sky.

Paris je t’aime.Eternal Candle