When you are ready to buy a home, there are a few items you must consider. It is a significant and expensive milestone in your life. Here are 10 things you must know before making a purchase.
1. Find a Reliable Realtor, you must have a real estate agent who will protect your interests.
2. Read the Contract, each home purchase is unique. The contract should be negotiated.
3. Think About the Future, although you may be tempted to buy a home based on your current job and marital status, it is better to think long-term.
4. Relationship Status, owning a home comes with laws. During divorce, rules dictate how assets are split. When buying a home with a significant other, the rules are different. You should have a special agreement in place.
5. See the Whole Picture, if you are not ready to tackle big projects, it is best to find a home that is move-in ready. No matter how great the inside is designed, major repairs can be a nightmare.
6. Think Budget, it is never wise to extend your financial situation. Besides a mortgage, you will need to pay insurance and taxes.
7. Price is not Everything, even though a home price is low, it may involve homeowner association fees.
8. Student Loans Matter, today, student loans are treated like debt. No matter the deferment status, a borrower is charged 2 percent of the loan balance.
9. Forget Mortgage Interest Tax Deductions, it is not smart to depend on mortgage interest deductions. Your level of savings will change with time.
10. Buying is not Necessary, you should never buy a house until you are ready. If you require flexibility or do not have financial stability, it is best to wait.
Before you buy a home, it is crucial to consider the above points. It will help you make the best purchasing decision.HB sunset