The State of New Inventory


I have been enjoying the flow of new delicious properties coming to market. It makes my job a hell of a lot more amusing when there are quality homes of diversity to choose from.

This week I was especially enamored with 750 35th Street in Manhattan Beach. I felt the “wow” factor that real buyers in this price point would feel upon crossing the threshold. it screams, “I’m sexy and I know it”.

The design and flow of the home works for families, however the side yard won’t please parents unless the kids at home don’t require a yard. A small four legged pet would work, but not beasts the size of my two Bouviers.

The interior designer created a rich artists pallet full of visual nibbles for the eyes.The home has exquisite touches from unique wall (and ceiling) treatments, to creative and stunning lighting decor. The home is bright and airy. I hear you groaning from the over use of that phrase but it’s true and also highly demanded by discerning buyers. Light and air gives a sense of hopefulness. It’s a must have unless you prefer the “Harry Potter” effect similar to  a property listed at $5.5 in Hermosa Beach, also on Broker’s Open today….Don’t get me started on that property.

This Tree Section beauty may be perhaps a tad close to the refinery for some,  as seen from the front steps, but one must recognize the fact that all of the South Bay has relics of an “uglier” age….

Offered at $3,399,000 5 beds, 4 baths approx. 3714′ on a approx. 5406′ lot

Call me for a showing.