cityvssuburbs-240x170When it’s time to make a move, the decision to relocate to either the city or the suburbs can be a difficult one. There are pros and cons for each, and these few facts may help you make the wisest choice.

1. Your Home’s Worth

Unless your planning to move for the last time, you might be interested in choosing a residence in an area where your home’s value may appreciate faster. As of January 2016, the value of city homes had grown to 11.3 percent over one year ago, which is higher than the 6.7 percent growth seen in suburban home values.

2. Children and Pets

Those raising children or enjoying pets may want to look to the suburbs for a bit more room to roam and grow. Suburban homes are on average about 300 square feet larger than city homes, and these homes also often offer a larger backyard with room for a swimming pool.

3. Favorite Amenities

Those who must have access to a bus line, high-end restaurants and boutiques and the best museums will probably want to opt for the city life. If you’re looking for cleaner air, better public schools and plenty of parks and trails, then the suburbs are probably a better choice.

4. Crime Rate

FBI crime statistics from 2014 showed that major cities experienced 2.5 times the violent crime rate than their suburban counterparts. The property crime rate in the cities were also twice that found in suburban areas.