10bestfornewhomebuyers-240x170While some cities are as unaffordable as ever, there are still places that offer reasonably priced residences as well as desirable amenities. The top 10 best cities for today’s new homebuyers range from Philadelphia to Virginia Beach.


With homes priced at around $220,000 and low unemployment rates, Philadelphia is becoming the place for New Yorkers to move to when they become overwhelmed by the Big Apple’s cost of living.

Baton Rouge 

Affordably priced homes make Baton Rouge a tempting place to live. This traditional Louisiana city also has a low median resident age of just 34.7, so Baton Rouge tends to cater to a younger crowd.


As one of the country’s fittest cities, Minneapolis is the place to live if working out is a priority. Outdoor spaces are in abundance throughout the city while a low median home price increases its livability rating.


According to recent reports, Allentown is on its way to economic redevelopment. A number of multinational companies have moved to Allentown making work options abundant.

St. Louis 

Access to higher education and the opportunity to take in plenty of Cardinals games make St. Louis an amazing place to live. With homes priced at around $164,000 and its low unemployment rate, the city offers a warm welcome to homebuyers.


Reasonably priced homes and ample job growth in the tech industry make Harrisburg a desirable place to live. This midsize city features outdoor spaces and quaint architecture.


As the largest city in Maine, Portland features amazing restaurants and plenty of nightlife. The city’s average home prices are slightly more than $300,000 while its unemployment rate is low at 3.3 percent.


Albany is currently experiencing an economic recovery with a number of tech companies moving into the area. Making the locale even more tempting for new homebuyers is the city’s median home price, which is at $238,000.


Dayton offers affordably priced homes and a large number of biking trails. These features are inspiring new homebuyers to move to the city.

Virginia Beach 

In Virginia Beach, the unemployment rate is low as is the median home price. With access to the beach and low-density neighborhoods, Virginia Beach is the city for those who dislike living in crowded conditions.

Despite the rising prices of homes across the nation, a number of cities continue to offer value with affordably priced residences and plenty of amenities.