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Thinking of buying a home in 2018 and want to make sure it’s as fashionable as possible as soon as you move in? Here, Zillow offers a sneak peek at some exciting new trends that are sure to inspire.

1. Charcoal and honey

Deep, dark walls painted in rich charcoal and matte black and accented by lush honey tones and cream accents can create a dramatic look. On a smaller scale, try using furnishings and decor items with glossy black elements, along with golden hardware and textiles.

2. Flouncy florals

Heavily saturated, big-blossomed flourishes with lots of contrast are everywhere—from draperies and wallcoverings to club chairs and pillows. Want to make a bold statement? Consider a sofa with a colorful floral print on a dark background, or even a large art piece. For a more modest look, try incorporating smaller items such as a vase or throw pillow.

3. Vibrant colors

Expect to see lots of heavily textured pieces with vibrant gemstone colors. Think fuchsia velvet ottomans, multitoned boucle fabric on accent chairs and rich emerald-green tufted sofas. Deep teal also is a shade you’ll be seeing more. Consider painting a single statement credenza this hue, and make it pop with hammered brass hardware. Or paint your entire living room this rich color, and mix in shades of green and fuchsia.

4. Blushing twilight

The high-contrast, sophisticated combination of navy blue and a soft blush pink is easy to pull off and surprisingly timeless. Imagine a soft pale-pink rug paired with artwork boasting rich navy accents and mixed metals and cream accents to finish off the aesthetic.

5. Marvelous marbling

One of the most prominent trends is the use of marbling patterns in chairs, pillows and art. You might even want to take a class on how to create this striking effect.


Test Drive a Home Before an Offer

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While that newly renovated home looks great in photos, what’s really behind that real estate listing could be too good to be true. When it comes to assessing a potential new home, the savvy buyer knows to relentlessly sleuth for any hidden problems. Like you would at a car dealership, test drive your potential future home for important features that easily go unnoticed. Here, explains how to make like a crime-scene detective and put your potential home to the test—before you submit an offer.

1. See what the neighbors are like

Before you step foot into a potential new place, drive by a few times. What’s the foot traffic like in the neighborhood? Do the strolling neighbors look more like young professionals or married couples with children? How much noise do the neighbors make? (Sneak in a Saturday night visit to get the full taste.) If you drive to work, test your morning and evening commutes and time how long it takes you.

2. Head out on a walking tour

Once you’ve examined the place by vehicle, it’s time to repeat on foot. See how long it takes you to get to the nearest coffee shop or restaurant, and make sure you love the local cuisine or cup of joe. (A walkability score considers only quantity, not quality, of amenities.) Scope out the nearest public transportation stations while gauging the condition of sidewalks and public plantings—a well-manicured neighborhood usually suggests stronger civic engagement.

3. Test out the plumbing

Don’t get seduced by the stand-up shower with the exposed copper pipes and wraparound glass doors—try it out yourself. How hard is the pressure? How quickly does the water heat? Test the bathroom and kitchen sinks while you’re at it. Water pressure shouldn’t be a deal breaker, but low pressure could indicate a damaging leak and more water problems (and expenses) down the road.

4. Open the windows

Even if it’s chilly, open a few windows, especially in the room that may be your future master bedroom. This is a good way to check if any windows are stuck, but also an opportunity to listen. Can you hear a lot of traffic or neighborly noise? Do your windows seem to bring in a lot of cross breezes, or do neighboring buildings block the airflow? When the windows are closed, can you feel drafts around the edge of the frames? Windows are crucial for the look and feel of your home.

5. Inspect the home’s natural lighting

If the open house happens on a cloudy day, schedule a follow-up visit when the sun is shining. See how the natural light flows through each room, especially high-traffic areas. If a room seems especially dark, consider whether the paint color is causing the problem. On the same note, you’ll want to see how dark the bedrooms can get. Close all the shades in all the bedrooms and see if the light still filters through; you might want to throw room-darkening shades onto your shopping list.

6. Keep your ears open for any unwanted noise

This is a biggie—condo sounds, in particular, can drive homeowners insane. Make multiple visits to a unit to catch surrounding neighbors when they’re home and making noise. If there are multiple condos for sale in the building, bring a friend and walk around upstairs or in the adjacent unit to see how noise travels. And be sure to ask if children live in the building; the pitter-patter of little feet is far less charming to those who live below them.
Once you’ve assessed noise levels, you should determine how sound travels within the home. Turn on the dryer to hear how loud it is. March around in the guest bedroom to determine how thick the walls are. If you’ll need to invest in sound insulation and throw rugs, it’s better to know now.

7. Scope out storage space

Some sellers clear their homes of all clutter, but many don’t. Rather than turn up your nose at an overstuffed bedroom closet, take out the tape measure and record some dimensions. The space may be larger than it seems; you can also take those measurements home and plan out a closet scheme online to see how much stuff it can really handle.

8. Don’t forget your marbles

Are those newly stained hardwood floors level? Bring a marble to find out. Discreetly place the marble on the hardwood floors: Does it stay put or start rolling? If the slope is especially steep, there might be a structural problem at play, but even a slightly uneven floor can become a bargaining chip.

Let’s Talk First Love, First Kiss, First HOME

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Do you  remember the feeling of tingly excitement mixed with  anticipation and a dash of spicy fear of your first kiss, or falling in love for the first time?  There’s nothing quite like it, and once experienced, it can never be replicated.

Buying your first home can’t really be compared to your first kiss or your first love however buying your first home is usually equally emotional, exciting and dizzying.

It’s an extraordinary adventure and one that I never tire of sharing with my first time buyer clients.

There is something so poignant, sweet and endearing watching my first time buyers sit in my office with their notes, their lists of questions and their trepidation laced enthusiasm.

Upon my experienced shoulders  the first time buyer places a gigantic dose of trust. As I  guide them to the  right investment that matches their goals, both financial and lifestyle,  I must conjure the unique  and precise combination of  information and  handholding. It’s a gentle balance of being the hands-on involved advisor and a helicopter realtor!

 The home buying process should be a learning experience but first time buyer often feels intimidated but the sheer amount of information and steps involved in a Real Estate transaction. My job, my role is not only securing them the perfect property for their unique needs,  but also to quell these fears through education. The first time buyer should emerge feeling empowered, knowledgeable and triumphant by the close of escrow!

It’s my wish that this property buying odyssey be a road travelled they will never ever forget- with great joy and satisfaction!

I truly love representing First Time buyers. They only have “one” first home buying experience, but each new client’s dream of home ownership, is a first for me.



Let’s Talk Life

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Life sure takes you in all directions. Real Estate has been so busy and now add life to the mix. My elderly mother who lives alone in Sherman Oaks really needs help these days and I find myself going to the Valley. I feel like I should be showing property or going to Broker’s Opens in Sherman Oaks! If anyone wants me to check something out over there, i’d be happy to…..
On another note, there is a great deal on Linda in Torrance, darling house, great price. 22013 Linda, for $659 – if you can get it for that is just amazing. Cute house all upgraded but the best part is the outside, built in bbq, fridge, it is an entertainers mecca. Speaking of Mecca, I digress, did anyone see the article on my previous life in Saudi?

Well, you have my quite exposed if you read this article.

Back to the house, such a deal! I expect multiple offers.

If you find this post a little rambling, then say so. Stream of consciousness

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