Let’s Talk Apple Watch – How Sweet is it?

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Apple devices always contain the latest and greatest technologies. The company’s newest release is an Apple Watch, which offers impressive capabilities. Although the watch includes a host of amazing features, the best may be its home automation integration.

Upon its unveiling, Apple representatives showed how well third-party apps integrate with the watch. During one demonstration, it was linked to a home security application so that the wearer had access to home features, including lighting, garage doors, and door locks. In this particular case, the footage from a home’s security camera was viewable from the wrist. Also, it was possible to open doors automatically.

The abilities of this watch span well beyond doors. A home can be filled with smart-enabled equipment that is easily checked and remotely triggered. For example, lights can be turned on and off, and temperatures can be set to comfortable levels. These are wonderful features when you are at home or away on vacation. Imagine the convenience of being greeted by a toasty house on a cold night after you arrive home from a hard day at work. Also, this device will provide peace of mind for frequent travelers who worry about home invasion. It is a phenomenal idea that is sure to change the way people communicate.

“Smart Home” has already enjoyed success on Apple’s phones and tablets. However, having the technology readily accessible on the wrist cuts the need to pull out a bulky tablet or locate a cellphone. When everything is available on the arm, especially with helpful features like Siri, the interface is even more user-friendly.Apple

Let’s Talk Starter Home

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When people think about buying their first home, they are likely to have an extensive list of wants, including everything from what type of appliances they want to the size of their yard. However, due to budget constraints or inventory, most first-time homebuyers will need to make decisions about what is most important to them. There are major trade-offs to consider, and cosmetic preferences should generally be secondary to choosing a home in a good neighborhood or that is close to someone’s work. While wood flooring may be desirable, it is not likely to make up for an additional 20 minute commute.

Location is likely to be one of the issues that will require people to spend some time considering. Younger homebuyers generally want to live closer to urban areas, where housing costs tend to be higher, and homes are generally smaller. By living in more-suburban areas, homebuyers have a better chance of getting a larger home with a larger yard for a lower price, something that is very attractive to individuals with children. Experts recommend that people plan to live for at least five years in a home and to plan their lives and expectations accordingly.

According to the results of a survey completed by the National Association of Realtors, the median age of first-time homebuyers was 31, and the median home size purchased was 1,570 square feet. Three-quarters of those surveyed purchased a single-family home, 10 percent chose a townhouse and another 10 percent bought a condo.

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Let’s Talk Modernism

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On May 29th, Takashi Yanai and Patricia Rhee, associates from Ehrlich Architects, will be discussing their firm’s design goals and how the company is becoming a force in the future of architecture. The corporation recently received the American Institute of Architects, or AIA, Architecture Firm Award. The AIA is an organization that recognizes individual architects and firms for their exceptional accomplishments.

Architectural Past and Future 

California modernism began during the early 1900s. The state is famous for minimalizing the traditional Craftsman bungalow and building residences that blend indoor and outdoor spaces.

You can see examples of California’s architectural future in the Zeidler house, which was built in 2008. This Aptos residence was designed by the Ehrlich Architects firm, and its exterior features classic modern materials like glass and cement. The residence exhibits additional contemporary elements with its use of negative space and inclusion of nature.

The McElroy home also shows the firm’s architectural direction with streamlined styling, deep overhangs and low profile design components. It displays the lasting style of midcentury design combined with subtle futuristic components.

The John M. Roll United States Courthouse is another example of the firm’s modern architectural style. Stone was used to construct the building’s exterior while a geometrically styled pergola allows the sun to shine through it and decorate the cement walk below. However, residential development continues to be a major focus of the Ehrlich Architects firm as the housing field allows the corporation to produce contemporary design concepts that it can use for large-scale projects.

Future Designs 

Yanai and Rhee will talk about the firm’s design process as well as its approach to creating structures like the Elevon at Campus El Segundo, which will be ready for use next year. This state-of-the-art design shows how the firm intends to revolutionize where people work and live.

Let’s Talk Humanity, Habitat Style 2015

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As Palos Verdes Estates begins a demolition project to eliminate damaged Bluff Cove homes, Habitat for Humanity looks forward to reaping some benefits. This is a great example of how tragedy can be turned into something positive. Back in the 1980s, a major landslide destroyed many expensive homes in the area. Recently, an agreement was reached to demolish the effected houses and return the location back to its natural state.

Before the demolition project begins, almost all of the materials inside the damaged homes will be salvaged and donated to Habitat for Humanity. This means hundreds of cabinets, sinks, doors, light fixtures, and other supplies will be sold in various ReStore locations.

Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles tries to educate and partner with families who need decent, sustainable, and affordable housing. Over the last three decades, this organization has built and renovated over 1,000 homes.

The entire demolition project has been in the works since 2012. At that time, the homes in Palo Verdes Estates were deemed to have signs of long-term damage. Last summer, the council concluded it would be smart to carefully tear down the homes. After a few weather-related delays, the entire deconstruction is set to begin in April.

  • What started as a hopeless situation has turned into something that will benefit the entire area. Besides preserving a large 5.5 acre property, many usable items are being repurposed for good as well. Over 70 percent of the debris will be recycled. Although this undertaking has been questioned, it is bringing the community together for a satisfying goal.Habitat Demolish and Give Back

Let’s Talk Do Smart Homes Sell Faster? Survey Says…

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A_DSC0166s technology has become increasingly common in people’s daily lives, it’s of no surprise that home buyers are beginning to expect it to show up in houses they are interested in purchasing. A recent survey of more than 500 Coldwell Banker real estate agents found that the majority of respondents, about two-thirds, said that they had seen an increase in the number of buyers interested in home technology features compared to two to five years ago.

Although nearly half of those surveyed said that Millennials were interested in smart home features, it is actually members of Generation X that showed the most interest according 57 percent of respondents. Sellers appear to be noting the desire of buyers for homes with technology features, and 60 percent of realtors surveyed indicated that they saw a rise in the number of listings featuring smart technology compared to between two and five years ago.

Along with noting the increasing interest of home buyers in being able to control systems in their home with a mobile device, sellers may also be adding these features to listings because it can make a home sell faster. About a third stated that homes with smart technology sell more quickly than those without it.

Thanks to developments in technology and reduction in the cost of installing it, homes of all price points may have smart home features. The survey indicates that people are most desirous of smart home technologies that provide safety and temperature control capabilities, followed by lighting, entertainment and smart appliances.

Let’s Talk Recycling

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Let’s Talk Recycling!

Those who know me know I get excited about many experiences that most people would not find amusing. I uncover small molecules of joy and bewilderment in the ordinary and unexpected that keeps me young and in a state of gratitude. Recycling is now one of them!

Lurking in a dark corner of the garage lays unwanted, unfriendly earthen Household Hazardous Waste growing dust and taking up space. What to do with the plethora of items that we cannot simply throw into our regular trash?

First a definition:

What is Household Hazardous Waste?

Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) is any product labeled: toxic, poison, corrosive, flammable, combustible or irritant. The health and safety of our community is endangered when these products are discarded in household garbage, sinks or storm drains. The amount of products from a single home may seem insignificant. However, when millions of homes across Los Angeles County use similar products, the combined effect becomes a major problem.

Some communities have special environmental collection events, or locations that collect and safely destroy these toxic troublemakers.

Recently I had the good fortune to experience my own little environmentally friendly, eco-centric recycling moment, and I was stunned at how easy and efficient it was.

Located at the Hyperion Treatment Plant near El Segundo, being a good citizen of the earth and giving Mother Nature the respect she deserves couldn’t have been easier.

You drive up to a security gate and are guided to the collection location – all the while staying in your car. Men in white moon suits greet you. You pop the trunk and they collect everything, with a smile. It truly could not be any easier. I enjoyed the futuristic element of the guys in their protective amour. It took less than 6 minutes and I was done, feeling very proud of myself. You will too! Just Do It as #Nike so aptly urges.

And spread the word. It’s free.


Let’s Talk Argentina and Beyond

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All things Good image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image imageOn the move but still connected to you!

Having just returned from two weeks in Argentina. I wanted to share some beautiful imagery of this most incredible landscape.

Buenos Aires was a thrilling adventure. The city is packed with history, architecture, and its people are warm, welcoming, jocular and charming.

Tango – that’s a whole world into itself!

Patagonia is a vast and exquisite landscape experience entirely into itself.

We explored the vineyards of Mendoza, it’s incredible compelling wine industry and then lakes further South in Villa Angostura.

The mesmerizing Andes we’re covered with ash as well and snow and made a formidable and lasting impression emblazoned in my hearts anamnesis.

Next up I’m off to Las Vegas for my annual Remax convention where over 5000 of the best Remax agents in the world meet to network, and hone their real estate tools to be the best that the industry has to offer.

As always I am fully contactable and I am at your disposal if you need me via email and text and phone.

I remain passionate about property, and serving your Real Estate needs.


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